Our Mission Statement

See the light in all.

Our Vision is to inspire the children of today to become the leading citizens of tomorrow through encouraging high expectations and personal reflection.

Our School Rules!

  • Be ready
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe

Which means we are:

Ready to learn, listen, help, follow instructions, ask questions, work together, do out best work…; we take pride in what we do and how we do it

Respectful – kind, caring and understanding of others no matter the part they play in our school; we look after each other

Safe – in all that we do and in our approach to learning, playing and interacting with those within our school, as well as our everyday life outside of school; we look after ourselves

Our Aims

  • Provide our children the very best academic start in life
  • Encourage independent thought among all our pupils
  • Empower our pupils with the confidence and skills to lead and collaborate with others
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of the world and the cultures that enrich it
  • Guide our children to understand how they can shape both their own futures and the world around them
  • Enrich our community by providing a valuable centre of learning for all ages
  • Provide a secure environment in which our children can feel safe and thrive
  • Engage our children by providing deep learning experiences
  • Compliment our provision through collaboration with other centres of excellence
  • Nurture our pupils’ understanding of the value of leading a healthy and wholesome lifestyle
  • Embrace and pioneer innovative technologies and techniques to support teaching and learning

Our Ethos

We actively promote tolerance, fairness, respect for all faiths, and the rule of law to ensure children, parents, staff and trustees at Primley Wood also  ‘See the Light in All’.