Whilst we would love to offer places to all children who apply, Primley Wood Primary School does not always have enough available places.

This information sheet tells you the steps that must be taken to get your child in to any Leeds school but first here are a few reasons why you should join us:

  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of religion, race, gender, physical ability or special education needs
  • Friendly, happy and well-behaved children
  • Passionate teachers who want to provide the best for every child
  • End of year Key Stage 1 results beat the national average
  • Small class sizes meaning more individual attention
  • Fantastic facilities – both inside and out
  • Breakfast club, after school care and clubs, school transport
  • Caring support staff who go the extra mile to make sure families have what they need

So, how to apply?

  1. Find out which schools have places.

Telephone the schools you want and find out if they have places to offer you. You can also visit Leeds City Council Website (see bottom of the page).

2. Ensure that you are living in Leeds.

You must live at a Leeds address, or you can’t be offered a place and will automatically be placed at the end of the waiting list. Proof of address will be requested.

3. Check that you live within the catchment area of the school.

School waiting lists are ranked distance from the school. The closer you live the higher the chance of getting a place at your desired school.

4. Read the school admission policy.

Every school has an admission policy and it is useful to read this document, usually found on the schools website, as to determine the chance of getting a place. (This is at the bottom of this page.)

5. Apply for a place.

To go on a waiting list, you can apply online at the website below or you can complete an In-Year Common Preference Form (ICPF). It is strongly recommended that you list 5 schools to give you the best opportunity. The ICPF can be taken to ANY of your listed schools, and they will send it to the council who will place you onto the waiting list of each school. Within 10 days the school should contact you to say if they have a place or not, if they don’t then please contact them directly.

Our Admissions Policy

More information can be found on the process in our Admissions Policy.

Do we have an appeals process?

At the moment, as we are in a lovely new building, we have plenty of room to grow. We are therefore lucky enough to not have waiting lists and can usually offer places to those who want to come to school here.

In the very unlikely event that we are not able to accommodate someone, there is always an opportunity to appeal the decision. More details about this can be found in our Admissions Policy above.