Catchment Area Consultation

We are working to determine a catchment area for our school. As part of this we are conducting a consultation between 19th October and 11th December 2020.

What are Catchment Areas?

If a school has a catchment area, it means those children living in the catchment area have a higher priority for admission to that individual school. It is always a good idea to include any schools where you have this priority as  it means there is more chance of being allocated a place.

Sounds straight forward right? In practice, it’s often a bit more complicated than that. Not all houses will have a catchment area, as not all schools offer this. Sometimes the catchment are totally different for next door neighbours! It all depends on how the council and local schools have drawn the maps.

What’s the plan for our Catchment Area?

We have started by looking at the houses that are called our ‘nearest priority’. Working with that, we then looked at the houses and streets without any catchment area which are near to us or neighbouring the ‘nearest priority’ area.

After that we looked at where our families currently live and the areas from which we continue to draw new starters. Some of these areas may also fall under the Catchment Areas of other local schools. This gives families more choice when thinking about schools.

Is there a map we can look at?

Update: Map uploaded 22nd October 2020

This is our draft maps – our idea for a Catchment Area. It’s the map we’re using for the consultation. It may look a bit different by the time we’ve finished the consultation process but it gives us all something to discuss.

View the PDF version here.

Have your say:

We also want to know what you think. Do you have an idea for streets that should be included? Do you have a question that you’d like answering? Do you think it’s a great idea and will make things easier?  Or do you want more information about how it’ll affect you? 

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