We pride ourselves on being an inclusive School. Children and staff come to us from every background and walk of life: all are very welcome. And because of this, we ensure that everything we do takes into consideration and is delivered to include everyone.

Our culture and ethos means that we openly celebrate equality and oneness. We work together in a collaborative manner so that we can all learn and achieve more.

Our Equal Opportunities Principles:

  • All learners are of equal value
  • We recognise and respect difference
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging
  • We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development
  • We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist
  • We consult and involve widely
  • Society as a whole should benefit
  • We base our policies and practices on sound evidence
  • We formulate and publish specific and measurable objectives

Our Equal Opportunities Objectives

Our Objectives are set by the Trustees and Senior Leadership Team. They are reviewed annually and reported on to show our continual improvement against our Objectives.

Be ready. Be respectful. Be safe.

Introduce new School Rules which the children will be able to clearly understand and demonstrate throughout their days at School.

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • New School Rules now in place and on display throughout our communication channels
  • Children and parents have embraced the new Rules and actions, understanding what they mean and how they can be demonstrated
  • We will continue to link back everything we do to our new Rules and report back next academic year

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Research carried out to establish rules that would fit with our values and ethos whilst serving us well as we move forward into the future

Read more about our Rules…

Say ‘no’ to bullying!

We maintain a culture of zero tolerance to bullying. This is monitored through day-to-day contact with children, one-to-one and group conversation time, incident registers and safeguarding procedures.  

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • Launch of new PSHE Curriculum
  • Anti-bullying week including KS2 Playground Ambassadors relaunch
  • Usual best-practice school safeguarding procedures in place

What we’ve done so far (2019/2020):

w/c 17th January – Year 4, 5 and 6 attended an assembly on ‘name calling’ and ‘inappropriate language’ presented by our local community policing team

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Anti-bullying week including dedicated assembly and KS2 Playground Ambassadors assigned
  • Usual best-practice school safeguarding procedures in place

Visit our Policies and Safeguarding pages for more information

Ensuring access to extra-curricular activities

Through use of our Pupil Premium and Sports Funding, we will increase the number of children who are able to access clubs both in and outside of School hours.

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • After-school club price reduced to £2 for each club to ensure fairer access
  • Consultation with children on what clubs they would like and with parents to see which nights would best support them
  • Lunchtime clubs continue and are promoted internally and externally to families to increase already good participation
  • Recording of children we’re able to support into extra-curricular classes through parental engagement to set baseline data to make the Objective more measurable next year

What we’ve done so far (2019/2020):

September to October 2019 Results – £276 invested to support children to attend after-school clubs.

November to December 2019 Results – £230 invested to support children to attend after-school clubs.

January to February 2020 Results – £140 invested to support children to attend after-school clubs. Review of clubs and different offering put in place for March to April.

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Creation of free lunchtime clubs, led by teaching assistants as well as teachers
  • Clubs delivered in dodgeball, drama, reading, board games, dance, parachute, mindfulness and mathletics
  • Four children assisted in to after-school clubs, funded by School

See more about how we use our funding.

Families for whom English is not their first language

To provide the additional services needed to support our families, whoever they are and wherever they come from by providing at least one way that supports each of the languages spoken within our School.

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • Invite families for ‘coffee and catch up’ sessions where they can spend time with others who speak their language and can help them navigate any questions they have about school
  • Introduce new and joining families and children to existing pupils and parents who can help them to feel more comfortable in school and the local area
  • Increase non-English signs around the building
  • Provide dedicated spaces on the website for non-English speakers
  • Punjabi classes to be provided by a parent volunteer, with termly English classes for parents

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Assistance provided through introducing families to each other to overcome language barriers
  • Existing languages spoken in School by staff: English, Spanish, German, Punjabi, Portuguese, French

Our Community

To reach out to our local community through at least two engagement events a year which invite those who are part of our existing community but also those who have yet to join, into our School building.

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • Introduction of Green Fingers Days to encourage the wider community and neighbourhood to join us in developing the outside space which will eventually be used to increase the number of community events we can hold on site. We also have a number of sessions booked with community groups who will be bulb planting with the children as well as creating a sensory garden
  • The Association of Blind Asians return with their Food Festival. This year we will co-host the event with more involvement from the children. We are also working on a weekly yoga session for them

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Over the summer holidays some of our families used the building for a much-enjoyed ‘Oneness’ event which brought in over 100 delegates from across West Yorkshire
  • The Association of Blind Asians hosted their first Food Festival here which was a roaring success with over 400 people through the door and stall-holders booking ahead for the next event!
  • Sikh Alliance Yorkshire (SAY) held a Hate Crime event at School, which the School attended along with representatives from other associations across Leeds including local councilors, the police, the universities and organisations such as Leeds-based group Stop Hate UK

See more on our News and Community pages.

Fair recruitment and access to work

Monitor recruitment practices to ensure we are operating fairly, reaching out and advertising in the correct manner and providing additional assistance and access as required.

Plan for 2019 to 2020 Academic Year

  • Improve our equal opportunities recording to help us put improvement targets to this Objective and push our continual improvement going forward
  • Increase of gender balance on the Board of Trustees is actively being sought
  • Make our volunteering and work experience pack more user-friendly for those for whom English is not a first language

2018 to 2019 Academic Year

  • Workforce is made up of 4 male employees and 17 female employees. The balance of role within the male/female split is equal as we have representation throughout all levels within the organisation
  • Within the above employed workforce, 9 are White British with the rest coming from a widely mixed range of ethnicities and backgrounds
  • We encourage work experience and volunteering. We were also supported by people across all age ranges and from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities

See more on our recruitment pages.