We completely understand how difficult it will be to make an informed decision about your child’s first school for the new academic year. It’s been an ‘unusual’ few months to say the least and so we’ve created some pages on our website to give you the information you would usually look for from a school Open Day.

Below are some of the questions we regularly get asked. Plus, we’re just a call away if you need to ask anything else. You can reach us on 0113 887 3680 or email info@primleywood.co.uk

Where can I read the Ofsted report?

We were very proud when Ofsted judged us as ‘Good’ in December 2019, and as we love a challenge we are now starting our journey towards getting an ‘Outstanding’ next time they come! There is a link to our Ofsted report on the website home page.

Are their forms to complete?

There are some simple forms to complete which are in the Welcome Pack. These help us to set your child up on the system, provide us with your contact details and help us to get to know everyone before school starts.

Have you changed the school name?

We changed the school name so that it reflected our local area better. The decision to change follows on from our ‘Good’ Ofsted judgement, a desire to increase pupil numbers and also to give everyone a clearer understanding of who we are.

Can you tell me more about your Sikh ethos?

Our school was founded by members of the Leeds Sikh Community. They wanted to create a school which would inspire children by providing  positive supportive role models and a curriculum to help them seek and develop a great future for themselves.

So how does that transfer to the day-to-day school environment?

We’re often told that our school ‘feels’ different: as soon as you enter the building it feels welcoming, calm and comfortable. Every child is recognised for their individual talents and supported to bring out the best in them. We often say that we’re an inclusive school and as you look through the photos on our website, you’ll see just how many nationalities we have here!

Will Reception children get homework?

In Reception, reading books are sent home in book bags. It’s important that we get reading, writing and maths started in Reception ready for the move to Year 1 so we ask for your help to support this at home.

Is there a school bus?

We are supported by one mini bus that currently starts in Bradford and picks up on its way here. Transport is extremely popular and there is usually a waiting list for places. Please speak to the School Office for availability.

How much are school meals?

School meals are free to all children in England until they move to Key Stage 2 (Year 3). After that, meals are currently £2.50 per child per day.

I start work at 8.30am every day. Is there a Breakfast Club?

Breakfast Club starts at 8.00am every week day during term time. It costs £3.00 per day per child and includes breakfast. Likewise, we have after-school care until 6.00pm every week day and there is usually some sort of holiday club in the holidays to help then too. After-school care costs £6.50 per child per day and includes a snack.

My child has allergies, is that a problem?

With your help, we can manage most allergies in school. Please speak to the School Office about medication and what we would need to do if your child has an allergic reaction.

As many schools are now, we are a nut-free school. We also have a number of children with egg allergies which is carefully controlled by our catering team.

Are there any religious aspects to school?

We follow the same Leeds religious education curriculum as other Primary Schools in the area. Over their time with us, children will therefore visit a variety of places of worship or take part in activities like Harvest Festival.

Do you do a Christmas performance?

Of course we do! There is usually a lot going on around Christmas with a visit from Santa, performance by the children and a Christmas Fair for which we always need volunteers.

Where do I get uniform from?

Most of the uniform can be bought from high street shops including the main supermarkets. Make sure that you clearly label clothes though as the children so like to leave them in the playground and cloakroom making it hard to match up with the owner!