Learning outside the classroom environment, comfortable in our own homes and supportive space, allows individuals a chance to flourish. It provides an opportunity to develop a personal learning style, focus on things that need improving and take time over subjects pupil’s enjoy.

We all need this time to work on our individual learning styles and personalities that will stay with us as we grow older. Plus, as ‘practise makes perfect’, homework gives children time to reinforce skills and knowledge they have learned at school.

At Primley Wood, we also recognise the importance of giving the right amount of homework – enough to encourage and support learning, but not that much that it takes away time from other development opportunities such as clubs, playing with friends and family, personal health and fitness etc. We will also make sure that we provide work in a way that an individual can access it – no one should be presented with obstacles to spending time on their own learning.

Homework will generally take the form of learning logs (tasks to work through), reading, spelling or maths. Young children should spend a minimum of 10-20 minutes a day reading or being read to. For parents and carers, this can be a fun time to spend quietly engaging their child in a good book, maybe even one they enjoyed as a child.

It is, however, necessary for our pupils to be given the encouragement, time and quiet space to be able to complete their homework. This could be in the form of a desk in their room or the kitchen table after dinner has finished; whichever you choose, we need parents and carers to help us develop in their children a positive attitude to working at home.