If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017, they will start primary school in September 2021.

If your child has reached School age, you will apply for their Reception place through your Local Authority (for example Leeds City Council.) For places in any other year groups, please contact the School directly.

More information at www.leeds.gov.uk/schools-and-education/school-admissions and also www.leeds.gov.uk/schools-and-education/school-admissions/apply-for-a-primary-school.

Key Dates

Applying for places: You can start to apply for schools from 1st November 2020. The deadline for applications is 15th January 2021. You must have put in your application and choices by then.

The Council will write to you at the end of October to ask you to apply for places. If you don’t receive a letter, you can still and must start the application process.

Offer of places: The Council will offer you a primary school place on 16th April 2021. This could be by email or letter, depending on how you originally applied.

If you’re moving house before 12th February 2021, see website for more details https://www.leeds.gov.uk/schools-and-education/school-admissions/apply-for-a-primary-school.

Help applying: If you need help making your application you can contact the Council on 0113 222 4414 or by emailing them at startingprimary@leeds.gov.uk.