Nursery FAQs

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions around Nursery:

Do you offer free places for two and three year olds? Yes, we offer the usual 15 and 30 hour places for two and three year olds.

Do you provide nappies, wipes, sun cream etc? No, any items like this should be brought in from home and clearly labelled.

Can someone else collect my child? Yes, so long as we have authorisation from you, another family member or friend can collect your child. We use a password system and ask that you provide photos wherever possible. Alternatively, bring the other people in to meet our staff.

What happens if I am late picking my child up? Please let us know by calling the school office, however, we reserve the right to charge an additional £5.00 for every 15 mins you are late as a member of staff has to stay with your child.

How will you settle my child into the Nursery? We will do two or three one-hour settling-in sessions, one of which you are welcome to stay with them and chat to staff, get to know the setting and complete any outstanding forms.

What if my child needs medication? Authorisation forms are completed and held by the team for any medication, whether that’s part of a formal Care Plan or one-offs for hayfever for example. Our team are first aid trained and happy to work with you on medication requirements. Likewise, we’re used to dealing with a range of allergies here in school.

Do I need to tell staff if I’ve given them medication before dropping them off? Yes please! We need to know if they have had medication up to four hours before they arrive with us. Always mention things like this when you drop them off – the more we know, the better!

How will I know what my child has been doing at Nursery? We’ll either provide daily sheets to families or we’ll use an App. We’re waiting to see what people would prefer.

What should my child bring with them to Nursery? They will need nappies, wipes, sun cream, skin cream, spare clothing, wellies etc. They can also bring in items that they might not yet be able to do without like dummies and comforters but no toys from home please. You are welcome to also provide anything for specific dietary requirements like Almond milk for example. See also above note about medication.

What’s different about Primley Wood Nursery? Apart from being part of a really friendly family-focused Primary School, we do Forest School, have digital and coding equipment for the little ones and of course, there’s the school dog who brightens up everyone’s day at Primley Wood! The Nursery children will integrate with our Reception class in their dedicated outside space and learn from some super role models. Plus, as part of the wider school, children will take part in House competitions, sports days and dressing up days like Comic Relief and World Book Day.