Community is part of our ethos. We’re one big family and we love meeting new people too. Here are a few ways that we work with others in our wider Community.

Grass Root Opportunities (GRO)

Helping us to shape and develop our outdoor space, GRO thrive on bringing people together to explore what we can achieve individually, as a team and as a community. They make life simple and interesting; they’re always asking “Why” and coming up with new ways to look at things. Basically, they’re good people to know and be around.

Association of Blind Asians

We are working to develop our partnership with ABA Leeds, part of which will be hosting their annual Food Festival fundraiser.

Leeds Community Services

The team from LCS (Leeds Community Services) have been knuckling down to some hard work in the garden. Along with the team from GRO and members of the School staff, LCS have been helping to plan and develop an outdoor space for our community. This is a relatively new and developing team, one that we look forward to working with going forward.

STEM Collaboration

Primley Wood Primary has close links with several science based institutions including the University of Leeds and local business enterprises. Through taking a leading role in the West Yorkshire STEM Network Primary Group we continue to develop and extend this network for the benefit of not only our own pupils, but also those in other schools across Leeds.