Join us for Pudding Club! 

Pudding Club is for our parents/carers who fancy a coffee and a chat. It’s an opportunity to meet other parents/carers and hopefully make some new friends. Plus, most importantly, it’s a chance to eat cake…and who doesn’t like cake?

We’ll get the ball rolling with our first session on 22nd September 2021 at 1.15pm! Get your recipe books out and start planning what you’re doing to bake. Other dates are as follows:

6th October 2021

10th November 2021

8th December 2021

12th January 2022

9th February 2022

30th March 2022

11th May 2022

22nd June 2022

20th July 2022

20th October 2021

24th November 2021

26th January 2022

9th March 2022

27th April 2022

25th May 2022

6th July 2022

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