Thinking about where to send your child for September 2021?

Seems like ages away doesn’t it? And who knows what will happen between now and then! Here’s a page to help answer some of your questions as you navigate the labyrinth that is applying for your child’s first school place.

I know how hard it can be choosing a school, especially the first one your child will attend. I remember going to lots of open days when we were first looking for my son and sitting at the dining room table for ages discussing what we were going to do! It’s no easier for two people who work in schools to make a decision; you’re still parents wondering what the best first steps are.

Attending open days really gave us a flavour for the schools we visited, meeting staff, seeing the differences in facilities. And although we are offering tours here at Primley Wood, we appreciate that some people are hesitant about attending due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hopefully the information on this page and our website will help you to make your decisions but we’re always available for a chat so please do feel like you can call us on 0113 887 3680.

Mrs Kenny, Executive Principal

Here are some of the questions we usually get asked at Open Days:

Do you have a nursery?

We are hoping to have our nursery open in the new year. You are welcome to contact us to put your child’s name down on our list and we’ll get in touch when we’re ready to go.

Do you accept Childcare vouchers?

We do. It depends what voucher system you’re using – we’re registered for some and happy to register for others!

Why aren’t there any Key Stage 2 results available?

We’re a relatively new school and our first Year Six were all prepped ready for their SATs when lockdown arrived. So although we know that the children would have done well, we don’t have any figures to share with you until next year.

What about sports and clubs?

We do all sorts, and all the children get involved, from the littlest in Reception to the biggest in Year Six…and some of the teachers and parents too. Clubs run every night during term time and we try to keep them affordable. Plus, the children get to decide what we do. Examples of past clubs: gymnastics, street dance, football, crafts, martial arts, multi-sports etc.

Do you have wrap-around care?

We have both Breakfast Club and After School Care. Plus, we are really flexible and there’s no long waits for places or need to book ahead.

Do you have school transport and are Reception children included?

We do and they can. We pick up/drop off in the Leeds area and also run a bus from Bradford.

Why don’t you have a designated catchment area?

We take children from across the city – partly because they know us through family friends but also because we moved into our new building about three years ago and brought our pupils with us. We’re working on our catchment area so will get that sorted out to provide more clarity and options for those nearby who are currently not assigned to an area by the Council.

Do you offer music lessons?

We do the regular things like lunchtime choir and recorders and we’re going to be introducing music tuition too just as soon as we can.

My child has allergies – can they still have school meals?

Of course they can and it’s no problem at all. We’re used to allergies and our catering team are very good at managing individual dietary requirements.

Miss Daniels tells us why she likes working at Primley Wood and what’s great about our school…

What’s the best thing about our school?

There are so many amazing things about our school but I think my favourite thing is that we are like one big family and everyone is important and valued. Staff and children are so friendly and will go out of their way to make sure everyone’s happy and safe and there’s always someone around to help should you need it. Each morning, you’ll be greeted with ‘Good Mornings’ or with a sea of smiles and when it’s home time, you’ll be excited to come back the next day and the next day. Primley Wood creates such an inspiring, upbeat and positive atmosphere, anything feels possible when you’re a part of it!

Tell us something you do in your classroom that your class love

I’m sure that this is key in all classrooms but in Year Six, we make it a priority to listen, support and encourage each other – we’re a team after all and everyone’s voice matters. The children really like this as they feel listened to, by staff and each other, they also feel valued and like they’re part of a place where they can make a difference.