Meet the team!

Jordan License

Jordan has been working in schools in some capacity since he was 16. He really caught the bug for it and went on to work at an outdoor activity centre whilst completing his degree in primary education – hence why he’s always the first member of staff to volunteer to go on residential!

Having been an Assistant Headteacher at another school, Mr License moved over to Primley Wood where he took over the reigns as Head of School at Easter 2018 and has never looked back. He has one or two ideas and plans for the future for school as well as continuing to develop his own professional career even further having recently become a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE).

What’s an SLE? It means that Jordan will be able to support other schools with their curriculum development. Here in school it means the rest of us will get more time with Dougie who is usually found following Mr License around (apparently he does it at home too!)

Outside of work you’ll find him at the gym, playing badminton, cycling or walking on the Chevin. He’s also an avid football fan but as he supports Bradford City things aren’t so enjoyable on that side of things at the moment.

Deborah Kenny

Deborah is our Executive Principal and as well as working at Primley Wood since 2019 (and loving every minute of it!) she has been Head Teacher at Manor Wood Primary School down the road for over 11 years.

A National Leader for Education and strategic lead of the Noctua Learning Alliance, Deborah has wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old. Achieving her dream, she’s being working in schools for nearly 40 years. Alongside this she has also worked as an advisor to other Head Teachers.

When she’s not eating all the chocolate in the staff room, Deborah can be found out and about walking with her family, cooking for friends and playing the piano (badly – her words!) She’d also like to try her hand at jewelry making but isn’t sure where to start…

An avid reader, Deborah and her husband are members of a book club who like to take turns hosting each other and getting dressed up in costumes that reflect the books. Her son also has the reading bug and works as an editor in London.

Sarah Rai

Our Assistant Principal, Sarah Rai, has been teaching for 16 years and in that time has led on science, English, reading, personal development and a whole host of other things.

At Primley Wood, Sarah is also our Reception class teacher SEN Coordinator as well as being leader of EYFS and Key Stage 1. But, did you know that she once played competitive golf for England? She used to have a handicap of 9!

Home life is busy looking after two young children and keeping them busying playing sports in the garden and taking them swimming. Presumably she’s raising two more expert golfers!

Lauren Daniels

Lauren has wanted to be a teacher ever since she made her younger brothers and sisters play schools!

After graduating from University Lauren has worked in Years 5 and 6 before coming to Primley Wood where she is our Year 6 teacher, KS2 and English Lead.

Lauren loves English and Art and never misses a chance to dress up in school, past costumes for World Book Day include Dobby the House Elf and Medusa! She is the proud owner of 2 whippets, Dot and Buzz and enjoys walking them. She also loves reading – her students always say that she thinks every book she reads is her favourite!

Grace Myers

Grace is our Year One class teacher and science lead. Coming from a big family and having enjoyed spending so much time with younger relatives, she wanted to turn her passion for helping children into a career.

At home, Grace lives with two young huskies and is always out and about walking them in the countryside. She’s also another sports fan and plays netball as part of a local team who meet up at least once a week.

When there’s time between all that, she can be found in the kitchen knocking up a fantastic cheesecake!

Ravinder Kaur

Growing up, Ravinder was surrounded by inspiring teachers which made her want to pursue a career in teaching. Several years on, Ravinder is now our Year Three class teacher and leads on Spanish, Religious Education and Geography.

Outside of school, she enjoys meeting up with friends and family as well as playing badminton. Center Parcs is a family favourite with both Ravinder and her young daughter as is having a good laugh together watching comedy films.

Melissa Meade

Coming from a family of teachers, Melissa originally studied history at university which is why along with being our Year Four teacher she also leads on history and Art!

A big fan of healthy living and exercise, Melissa loves keeping fit at the gym and playing netball. She’s also a big film fan and loves a night at the cinema.

At a previous school, Melissa’s class enjoyed a frequent visit from a guinea pig called Chilli. He lives at home with Melissa but would often go for trips into school to see the children. We’re still waiting for him to visit us…

Matthew Popple

Matthew is now in his 6th Year of teaching. He came to Primley Wood last year as our Year 5 teacher, SENDCo and PE Lead.

Outside school, he works as a Team Leader for an activity Scheme where he supports children with additional needs.

He enjoys playing in goal for 5 a-side football, however this has resulted in two operations! He also likes walking his walking his dog, Bowie, which is much safer!

Joyty Kaur

Originally from Canada, Joyty is a fully qualified teacher, Montessori practitioner and an expert cake baker on the side! She has been based in the UK for over 10 years but is an avid traveler and enjoys nothing more than a holiday with her three children.

At Primley Wood, Joyty is our one-to-one support Teaching Assistant which she loves as it means she can make a real difference every day. Joyty got into education as she wants to make a difference in children’s lives, not matter their background, gender or cultural beliefs.

Viola Nau-Berry

Qualified as a foreign languages teacher and with experience working in both secondary and primary schools, Viola bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to school in her role as teaching assistant. Before teaching she practised architecture which is part of the reason you’ll usually find her designing and building something with the children, especially outside in the garden.

Having lived in five different countries, travel is still a big part of life for Viola and her family. And when she’s not giving the garden a spruce up, you’ll find her reading, playing the recorder or at a martial arts class.

Judith Laydon

Judith has been working in schools for over 20 years! She loves working with the children and supporting all of our families. In school, she’s a bit of a celebrity with the words ‘Mrs Laydon!’ often heard down the corridor from one of the Reception children who have had a mishap after having too much fun outside.

There’s nothing Judith doesn’t know about the theatre. When she’s not in school you’ll find her chaperoning at local productions or traveling down to London to see the latest thing. Plus her two children caught the bug with one being an actor and the other in casting.

And if that’s not enough, a cat, two choirs and a passion for travel keep her busy.

Sandeep Kaur Chana

Sandeep works as a teaching assistant in Reception. She enjoys being in a learning environment, especially with our youngest children as every day is different.

Outside school she loves to be outdoors with her family, walking, cycling and gardening. Did you know that she gets up every morning at 4am to go for a jog?

Catherine Crombie

Catherine originally studied Psychology at university with the intention of becoming an Educational Psychologist. Half way through her course she realised that she’d like to work with children with special educational needs.

During her teacher training, Catherine worked in a SEN unit with eight autistic pupils and hopes that one day she’ll be able to specialise her teaching around autism.

When she isn’t in school or reading a book, Catherine likes playing netball (we really should start a school team!) and something called Korfball which we’re told is a Dutch sport a bit like basketball.

Mary Walsh

Mary started off wanting to teach music but pursued Primary Education instead and loved it! She enjoys working with children and inspiring them especially in history and music.

In her free time she loves visiting stately homes and castles and is also a volunteer at Harewood House and Bolsover Castle.

She is an avid reader and always has a book and audio-book on the go!

Helen Senior

Helen has worked in a Nursery for 5 years and has a level 2 and 3 Nursery Nurse Qualification. She wanted to get in to education because every day with young children is different, their learning is interesting and each child goes at their own pace.

Outside school Helen is a fitness fan and loves ice skating, zumba and Barre fitness. She also enjoys spending time with her family and doing interior design.

Gurvinder Kaur

Vin started volunteering in schools when here children were in primary school. She has also worked as a school cook and is now working as a teaching assistant in Year 2. She really enjoys working with children and would like to foster in the future.

Vin is a proud parent of 3 children and outside of school she loves walking, baking and has recently started gardening. She likes to socialize and meeting new people.

Farrah Daniels

Farrah came to volunteer here and loved it so much that she decided to stay! She is a teaching assistant in Year 4. As a big sister she has always enjoyed spending time with her siblings and helping them learn.

Farrah is another fitness fan and enjoys staying active by going to the gym and running. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.

Kiran Rathore

Kiran joined Primley Wood as a volunteer and soon progressed to working as a teaching assistant in Year 3. She enjoys knowing that she can have a positive impact on a pupil’s education.

Out of school she loves spending time with her young family, cooking, reading and watching movies.

Adrian Coulson

A trained stonemason and with 30 years of construction experience under his belt, there’s nothing that Adrian won’t turn his hand to in and around school.

Caretaker by day, history buff by night, Adrian is also known as Major General Maxwell Davenport Taylor of the 101st Airborne Division! You’ll find him acting out the part at historical re-enactment events all across Yorkshire promoting WW2 Generals who fought on the front line. The Major has even been in to visit Year 6.

At home, when he’s not chasing around after four tiny dogs, you’ll find him watching documentaries, sport and enjoying a good film.


Dougie joined the team in 2021 and what a difference he’s made! As school therapy dog, his main duties include greeting visitors, playing out at break time, going for walks with the children, listening to reading in the library and more.

When not playing ball outside, he likes to keep a keen eye on what’s happening in the school office to make sure everything is in order and running smoothly.

He’s a big part of our restorative practice and helps some of the children to work through anything that’s worrying them.