How do you travel to school?

Living in a big city, we all know the pressures on travel: too many cars on the road, too few buses for too many people etc. And because of this, Leeds has one of the poorest air quality levels in the country. Which means that as a city it’s time we start to think about how we travel. The Council have plans but individually we have to do our bit too.

As part of Leeds City Council’s work to reduce the city’s impact, we provide an annual survey of how we all travel to school. It also helps the council to work out where more travel options are required, for example an extra bus on a route.

One or two changes to your daily routine can, over time, make a big difference. Here are some ideas:

Walking to school

Although we ask that children do not walk to school unaccompanied, walking is still the best way to travel to school. As well as providing additional exercise, walking has no carbon footprint and provides a good time for chatting about your day.

Traffic lights have recently been installed on and around the ring road adjacent to school making walking to school much easier.

An application was made for a lollipop person but this was sadly turned down. We will continue to look into further ideas, for example developing a walking bus to collect children nearby.

Getting the bus

There are bus stops near to school. We appreciate that sometimes the traffic can be busy on the ring road so just give us a quick call if you’re running late.

Car sharing

Why not team up with a local family and take it in turns to travel to school together? Don’t forget to notify school if you have asked someone else’s parent/carer to collect your child at the end of the day.

Cycle and scooter racks

An upgrade to the nearby ring road means that there are now increased facilities for cycling to school, including cycle tracks and traffic lights.

We have plenty of covered cycle and scooter storage facilities on site. They can be found on the main car park and lower playground. Ask at Reception if you are unsure.

What the Council are doing…

Visit the link below to find out more about what the Council are doing:

Our Carbon Footprint

We have been planting a number of trees and bushes in our grounds to help to off-set our travel carbon footprint. Likewise, you’ll notice that we do from time-to-time let our grass grow really long which helps to promote wildlife and encourages insects like bees to the area.